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For din bedrift

Kaffedrops øker produktiviteten

Kaffe blir drukket over hele verden både som nytelsesmiddel, men også for å få mer energi. Derfor har vi hos Ekspertutvalg undersøkt om det er en sammenheng mellom inntatt kaffe og produktiviteten rundt om i verden. Vi kikker også nærmere på om disse to tingene har innflytelse på gleden i de angjeldende land.

Dokument 1: Caffeine Improves Left Hemisphere Processing of Positive Words

A positivity advantage is known in emotional word recognition in that positive words are consistently processed faster and with fewer errors compared to emotionally neutral words. A similar advantage is not evident for negative words. Results of divided visual field studies, where stimuli are presented in either the left or right visual field and are initially processed by the contra-lateral brain hemisphere, point to a specificity of the language-dominant left hemisphere..

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Dokument 2: Caffeine-Not just a stimulant.

OBJECTIVE: The beneficial effects of human caffeine consumption deserve clarification.

METHODS: A detailed literature review was conducted and summarized.

RESULTS: A large body of scientific evidence describes the beneficial effects of human caffeine consumption on a number of physiologic systems.

CONCLUSION: The consumption of moderate amounts….

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